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American Corrections

American Corrections

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Format : Softcover
ISBN : 0495807486
ISBN13 : 9780495807483
Our ISBN : 0495812528
Our ISBN13 : 9780495812524
Publisher(s) : Wadsworth
Pub. Date : Mar 2010
Edition : 9th
Author(s) : George F. Cole, Michael D. Reisig, Todd R. Clear
Subject : Law / Sociology

This is an International Edition textbook, the only difference with the US edition is the ISBN, slightly different front cover and the exterior binding which is a paperback. The contents and layout are identical to the US edition. Printed in original color on High Quality Paper.

Explore the American corrections system from the perspective of both the corrections worker and the offender in the newest edition of AMERICAN CORRECTIONS. Comprehensive yet not overwhelming, the book covers both institutional and community sanctions in a balanced way. Readers will appreciate the high-profile corrections cases taken from recent headlines, helping to reinforce the theories found in the book. AMERICAN CORRECTIONS also examines topics such as assisting felons during the re-entry process, reducing recidivism, the death penalty, surveillance, and careers in the corrections field.

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